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Sustainable Partnership: Collabora Ltd. & ViOffice

ViOffice is more than a company, it is part of the Free Software Community. We are proud to announce our partnership with Collabora.

What is Collabora Online?

Collabora Ltd. is a global company based in Cambridge (England) that specializes in providing, developing and consulting on Open Source software for the business world. In doing so, they are significantly involved in the further development and consulting for the Free Software office suite LibreOffice with the world’s largest team of developers. LibreOffice was spun off from the well-known office suite OpenOffice in 2010 by the Berlin-based (Germany) The Document Foundation and has been developed independently since then.

In parallel, Collabora Online was created on this basis in 2016, whereby text documents, spreadsheets and presentations can be created and (collaboratively) edited directly in the cloud (Online Office Suite). Of course, documents can also be created offline and viewed or edited online. All common (Free and Non-Free) Office formats are supported. Thus, the use of Collabora Online is ideal for individual and group work. Collabora works with all modern browsers and does not require the installation of additional plugins.

To date, Collabora has a network of over 200 partner companies in more than 60 countries. ViOffice is now a part of it, too.

Integration of Collabora Online in ViOiffce

Collabora Online is perfectly integrated into ViOffice, more precisely into the ViOffice Cloud. New documents (text documents, spreadsheets & presentations) can either be created directly in the Cloud or uploaded in all common formats and easily viewed or revised online. All changes made to documents online are automatically saved in the document and older versions are automatically archived. The documents can be edited by any number of people at the same time (collaboratively), regardless of whether they have a ViOffice account or not! All you need to do is to share the document with the group of people you have specified.

The integration of Collabora Online in ViOffice does not end in the ViOffice Cloud. The chat (“ViOffice Talk“) is also available within a document in the sidebar if needed. Thus, not only can comments be added by others, but a chat room or even a small group video conference can be opened for a constructive conversation on the content or design of the document.

Whether for home office, university or private use, using Collabora Online in ViOffice is as simple as useful. Collabora Online is not only implemented for our single accounts in the subscription-model, but also in our hosted on-premise and off-premise services.

A sustainable Partnership

ViOffice is an entrepreneurial project that is always oriented towards sustainable, ethical and socially just sustainability. With this in mind, we also evaluate partnerships with associations, institutions or companies such as Collabora.

Collabora significantly supports Free, Open Source Software in the context of its economic activities. In addition to practical considerations, the use of Free Software is preferable to the use of proprietary software from a social and societal perspective. It creates credibility for the users, because they have insight into the source code of the services (or commission third parties to do so) and can precisely track what they do and do not do. In addition, the compatibility of Free Software avoids the lock-in effect, which makes it difficult for users to switch to other software or other providers at a later point in time. The integration of Collabora Online into ViOffice does not create dependency on our services nor on Collabora, but on the contrary improves our offer for the benefit of the users.

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