ViOffice Business

Your tailor-made cloud solution with your own branding for your company or association.

ViOffice Business combines the complete range of functions of ViOffice Core with an offer that is individually tailored to you.

You prefer full control over your data, want to customise the cloud to your existing branding or already have a digital infrastructure on which you now want to use ViOffice? ViOffice Professional offers you all this and much more. Whether for small teams or large groups, ViOffice Professional offers you the perfect experience for collaborative working.

“We now use the ViOffice Cloud for several months. We were convinced by the ease of use and the certainty that our internal documents are securely encrypted in the cloud. Thanks to the flexibility of the system, we were even able to integrate our own branding into the layout. This not only looks good, but also increases our visibility to our customers when we share documents externally.”

JAN MORGAN, Founding Partner of the Consulting Company MADANIMORGAN

Complete Control

ViOffice Business can be used on servers provided by us as well as on your own infrastructure. This gives you full control over your cloud and the data stored on it. Whether for small teams or large groups, ViOffice Business offers you the perfect experience for collaborative working.

Highest Security

Data and system security are an uncompromising core concern for us. The encryption methods used in ViOffice Core are also implemented in ViOffice Business. While TLS encryption is used for transfer at all times and serverside encryption for your data, the chat & call function also uses end-to-end encryption (E2E).

Full Individuality

In addition to the adaptation to your brand, the range of functions is also optimally tailored to you. Additional services can be integrated into ViOffice Business according to your wishes. Internal analytics in the cloud, character recognition, whiteboard integration or other features can make your work a daily experience.

ViOffice Business

The perfect cloud experience for you.