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The ViOffice Cloud is now GRATIS for up to 3GB storage space. Register now!
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ViOffice Core

Uncomplicated and easy to create an account with full functionality to the ViOffice Cloud.

ViOffice Core is a cloud-based office platform and personal cloud for individuals or small groups. It is mainly based on Nextcloud Hub and integrates a variety of opensource cloud and office applications used daily by millions of people worldwide.

Simply create an account and get started – No installation or technical know-how required!

Registration and use of ViOffice is free for accounts up to 3GB storage!

Furthermore, pupils and students decide on their own monthly price according to the Pay-What-You-Want principle.

Cloud, Office: Home Office!

The ViOffice Cloud is the core of ViOffice. In the cloud you store your documents and data without using your local storage. Any data formats can be stored here encrypted and secured.

Via the ViOffice Cloud you can reach Sheets with one click to create and edit text, table and presentation documents as well as diagrams. All common Office formats are supported.

ViOffice Sheets is largely based on the developments of our global partner company Collabora Ltd.

Talk is the internal chat, in which you can comfortably exchange information with your colleagues. Bilateral exchange as well as communication in groups is possible.

Furthermore video and audio conferences can be carried out. All chat histories and conferences are end-to-end (E2E) encrypted.

Deck is your task and project management tool directly in the cloud.

There, tasks can be distributed and notes can be created for optimal collaboration within the team.

The integrated survey tool, Polls, takes your team collaboration to a new level. Easily create text and date-based survey for optimal coordination.

Mail is a full-featured mail client that synchronizes business and personal email addresses.

Mail is also seamlessly linked to the integrated contact book.

An integrated Calendar completes the overall ViOffice Core offering nicely.

Enter your appointments in it, either privately or by actively sharing with other users or externals also visible to them.

The topic of security is a core concern for us. That is why we have extended our offer with an integrated Password Manager.

Use it to create and manage secure and convenient passwords for your business as well as private purposes.

ViOffice Core

The simplest and best cloud solution on the market.