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Press & PR

We would like to thank you for all the interview requests and positive feedback. We would like to use the media attention not only for our company’s success, but primarily to give tips to young founders, to discuss social issues in the context of digitization, and to bring the topic of free software to the center of society.

We welcome your requests and suggestions. Feel free to contact us via info[icon name=”at” prefix=”fas”]vioffice.de or via out contact form.

Workshop on Digitization with the Europa-Union RLP

Digital Transformation in Federalism – A sustainable concept

Upon invitation of the Europa-Union Rhineland-Palatinate, we were asked to give a workshop on digital opportunities for clubs and associations on September 4, 2021 in the rooms of the new Gutenberg Digital Hub in Mainz. The focus was on modern tools for internal work as well as external communication in the digital space.

Flieten, Viez & Ideen – Podcast

Guest article in the blog of JAM Software GmbH

Digitization, data waste and global energy consumption – Do cloud solutions harm the environment?

One of the few benefits of the Covid pandemic is the digitalization boost for business and administration. However, as the use of digital solutions increases, so does the Internet’s share of global energy consumption. Cloud computing in particular is showing strong growth. In this guest article, we would like to explain the role of the Internet in global energy demand and also focus on the topic of cloud computing.

Spirit – Future Lab Talk

Trierischer Volksfreund – Interview

Business idea originated in a student

The ViOffice Cloud as a modern and secure alternative to the services of global corporations.

City Radio Trier – Interview

Interview on starting a business, open source and ViOffice as a solution in digitalization.

Trier University – Interview

Startup for home office software founded

Our first interview about our startup on the campus of the Trier University and ViOffice as a solution for digitalization in the pandemic.