Pascal Langer

Pascal ist Mitgründer von ViOffice. Dabei kümmert er sich vor allem um das Marketing, die Finanzen und Sales. Er hat an der Universität Trier zunächst Volkswirtschaftslehre und Politikwissenschaften studiert. Aktuell befindet er sich in den letzten Zügen seiner Masterstudien der Angewandten Statistik, Volkswirtschaftslehre sowie Politikwissenschaft. Sein Interesse liegt dabei auf den Bereichen Data Science und Digitalisierung. Im Rahmen seines Studiums verbrachte er einige Zeit in der Türkei und Belgien.

Habemus Coalition Agreement: The New German Government and Open Source

We specify open standards for public IT projects. Development orders are usually requested as open source, the corresponding software is principally made public. Coalition Agreement, 24.11.2021, p. 15 The new ‘traffic light’ coalition between the Social Democrats (SPD), the Greens and the Liberals (FDP) has… Read More »Habemus Coalition Agreement: The New German Government and Open Source

1 Year of ViOffice!

Exactly one year ago, on October 06, 2020, we officially presented ViOffice to the public. What started as an evening idea in a student flat-share is now a growing start-up in the Trier IT scene. We would like to share with you our experiences.

Blockchains, Data Protection and Open Source

Spectacular price movements of digital cryptocurrencies and the search for more and more areas of application for blockchain technologies have brought the topic area increasing public attention in recent years. But what is blockchain anyway, and what is the relationship between cryptocurrencies and data protection… Read More »Blockchains, Data Protection and Open Source

Planado – Our Contribution to the Free Software Community

Just in time for ‘I Love Free Software Day’, we introduced our first, in-house open source software: Planado. What is Planado? Planado is a simple, lightweight and trivial to host scheduling and room reservation tool for the Free Software videoconferencing tool Jitsi-Meet. The ViOffice integrated… Read More »Planado – Our Contribution to the Free Software Community