(i) We live the opensource spirit! ViOffice Cloud is Free, Opensource Software based on work by Nextcloud and many others. Learn more.

    You store your documents and data in the cloud. All data formats can be encrypted and stored securely here.

    By clicking on the "plus" symbol below the green bar, all options within the cloud become visible. In addition to the "Upload file" option, you can also create new folders to keep an overview of your data at all times. In addition, you can create diagrams and use common office applications, such as text documents, spreadsheets and presentations. All common formats are supported. More on this under ViOffice Sheets

    By clicking on the "Share" icon on the right-hand side of the relevant document bar, you can also share your files with anyone you choose or with anyone in your organisation. The icon with the three dots to the right opens up a variety of modification options, such as setting as a favourite, displaying the details, renaming, moving or copying, downloading or deleting. These functions are also available simply by right-clicking on the relevant document. In addition, the same line shows how much storage space the document occupies in the cloud and the last time it was changed.

    All other functions of ViOffice can be reached via the tile symbol in the upper left corner.

    The bell icon in the upper right corner shows notifications in various other ViOffice applications, such as Deck or ViOffice-Talk.

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