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Jan Weymeirsch

Jan is co-founder of ViOffice. He is particularly responsible for the technical implementation and maintenance. His interests lie especially in security, data protection and encryption. In addition to his studies in economics, later in applied statistics and his subsequent doctorate, he has years of experience in software development, open source and server administration.

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Privacy Respecting Analytics

Web Analytics is a crucial part of strategic decision making in digital space. But it is also a serious threat for privacy. How can we find common ground for privacy respecting Analytics?

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State Surveillance

What is state surveillance? How do security authorities go about it? Can mass surveillance endanger democracies and how does it affect our lives and thinking?

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Green Internet

The beginnings of the internet date back to the 1960s. As the possibilities have grown, the number of users has multiplied, but so has the ecological footprint.

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Happy 'I Love Free Software Day'

The 14th of February is traditionally a day of love and appreciation. We would like to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt 'Thank you!' to the Free Software Community.

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Digital Self-Determination

What is digital self-determination, how can it be restricted and what does ViOffice do in order to preserve the digital self-determination of its users?

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A New Start

A quite turbulent and often times not easy year has just ended, which for us however, in addition to many hurdles and efforts, also meant the launch of ViOffice.

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Corporate Social responsibility

What is Corporate Social Responsibility, why should companies behave 'social' or 'sustainable' at all, can this be misleading and what does ViOffice do in this regard?

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Data and information security

Security in the digital space is important to us. But what does 'security' mean in concrete terms and how can users themselves contribute to the security of their information?

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