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Current Developments & News

Deep Dive: AI - What does it mean for an AI system to be Open Source?

The Open Source Initiative addresses one of the most powerful technologies of our age: artificial intelligence (AI). The three crucial areas are: Open Datasets, Regulatory Guardrails and Legal Frameworks for Ethical AI.
More: Deep Dive: AI Final Report - Open Source Initiative

EU Data Protector wants to boost Open Source use in EU offices

EU Data Protection Supervisor Wojciech Wiewiórowski wants to make it easier for EU institutions to switch from Microsoft programs to free software. To this end, his authority has negotiated a framework contract with a service provider in a member state that is open to all EU institutions.
More: Rahmenvertrag: LibreOffice und Nextcloud für EU-Institutionen - heise online

Mozilla plans to develop Open Source AI like ChatGPT

In a recent announcement, they revealed plans to set up a new startup and gather a community to build a trustworthy, independent, and open-source AI ecosystem.
More: Mozilla Plans to Work On Open-Source AI to Develop Solutions like ChatGPT - It's FOSS News

EU negotiations for an European Digital Identity

The European Digital Identity is designed to provide the legal framework for establishing a system of national digital wallets interoperable across the EU where citizens can access all documents, from birth certificates to driving licenses.
The intention is to create a European digital wallet that could compete with the identification systems provided by Big Tech companies like Google and Apple.
More: EU institutions prepare to negotiate the European Digital Identity - EURACTIV

European Parliament on the Data Act

EU lawmakers adopted their version of the Data Act with an overwhelming majority during a plenary vote at the European Parliament. The Data Act is a landmark legislative proposal intended to remove barriers to the circulation of industrial data by regulating the rights and obligations of all the economic actors involved in sharing data from Internet of Things (IoT) products – connected devices capable of collecting and exchanging data.
More: EU lawmakers formalise position on the Data Act in plenary vote - EURACTIV

ViOffice - Behind the Scenes

Discount code: OpenTech10

Whether it's a complete home office platform in the cloud, privacy-protecting web analytics or exclusive Collabora online office hosting, ViOffice offers a variety of useful tools in a straightforward subscription model. Use the discount code OpenTech10 to save 10% on any subscription for 6 months!
Of course, the monthly cancellation period still applies.

Document Freedom Day

Yesterday was Document Freedom Day (DFD). It is the international day to celebrate and raise awareness of Open Standards. In our blog, we wrote an article "Why you should use Open Document Formats" in which we explain what open document formats are and why they are useful.

Fedi Social - Fediverse & Mastodon Hosting

The Fediverse continues to grow! The Mastodon platform alone has more than 7 million accounts and several thousand new users are added every hour. To support this development, we offer a cost-effective and simple Mastodon hosting for your community.

ViOffice Blog:

In our blog, we want to get involved in current discussions, create social awareness for digital topics such as open source, free software, data protection and privacy, and transparently communicate internal processes to you. We also address aspects such as social and environmental sustainability in the context of digitalization. This month we published one new article on our blog:

Conferences & Events

  • April 04 - 05, 2023: Civic-centric Digital Transformation - International Conference - Conference that gathers representatives of institutions, civic sector, media, academia, activists, practitioners and citizens, offering them the space to explore the digital transformation through the prism of smart e-Governance, digital divide, privacy, artificial intelligence, cyber resilience and hybrid warfare. - (Skopje, North Macedonia)
  • May 14 - 16, 2023: The Green/Digital/Society Conference - Conference that gathers key actors who discuss ecology, technology, human rights and policy in Europe. - (Belgrade, Serbia)
  • June 20 - 23, 2023: CloudLand - Four-day festival of the German-speaking Cloud Native Community (DCND) with expert conferences, community meetings, and celebrations. - (Phantasialand near Cologne, Germany)

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