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Current Developments & News

Agreement in EU Parliament coming: Chat Control only on suspicion

No end-to-end encrypted communication scanning, only on reasonable suspicion and (almost) no more mandatory age checks - the Justice and Home Affairs Council in the EU Parliament finds compromosis.
More: Chat control vote postponed: Huge success in defense of digital privacy of correspondence! -

33 states in the US accuse MTA of inducing children and teenagers into addictive social media use

Dozens of US state attorneys general are suing Instagram and its parent company Meta, alleging that their addictive social media platforms have contributed to a youth mental health crisis.
More: Meta sued by 33 states over claims youth mental health endangered by Instagram - The Guardian

EU Commission plans to create a unified Health Data Space for EU citizens

The European Commission plans to create a unified health data space for EU citizens by 2025, enabling doctors to access patient information across borders, while also making this data available for scientific, industrial, and public use, and facilitating more informed policymaking during events like pandemics.
More: Was die EU mit unseren Gesundheitsdaten vorhat -

EU AI rulebook

The world's first comprehensive AI legislation is in the final stages of intense negotiations, with EU institutions yet to finalize their approach to the most potent 'foundation' models and law enforcement provisions.
More: EU policymakers enter the last mile for Artificial Intelligence rulebook -

Germany's new digital strategy

Germany aims to improve international competitiveness with a new digital strategy while experts highlight the growing global tech race and the importance of defending liberal values and human rights in the digital realm.
More: Germany eyes new digital strategy amid global tech race -

ViOffice - Behind the Scenes

ViOffice Core: Now GRATIS for accounts with up to 3GB

In case you have not noticed, we revamped our price modeling for our cloud solution ViOffice Core. The service is now completely for free for accounts with an upper storage limit of 3GB. That's plenty of space for working collaboratively on documents, chatting with collegues and organizing yourself using the integrated task boards, calendars and so much more!

Discount code: OpenTech10

Whether it's a complete home office platform in the cloud, privacy-protecting web analytics or exclusive Collabora online office hosting, ViOffice offers a variety of useful tools in a straightforward subscription model. Use the discount code OpenTech10 to save 10% on any subscription for 6 months!
Of course, the monthly cancellation period still applies.

ViOffice Blog:

In our blog, we want to get involved in current discussions, create social awareness for digital topics such as open source, free software, data protection and privacy, and transparently communicate internal processes to you. We also address aspects such as social and environmental sustainability in the context of digitalization. This month we published one new article on our blog:

Conferences & Events

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